30 Agosto 2015–3 Settembre 2015 giorno intero
International Conference Center, Jerusalem, Israel
45th Annual EABCT Congress @  International Conference Center, Jerusalem, Israel | Gerusalemme | Israele



Cari amici e colleghi,

Vi scrivo in relazione al prossimo congresso dell’EABCT, che si terrà a Gerusalemme dal 31 Agosto al 3 Settembre del 2015. Come membro del Comitato Scientifico, e su richiesta del Presidente del Congresso, Jonathan Huppert, mi preme sottolinearvi che nel corso del congresso saranno presentati contributi di elevatissimo livello scientifico. Pertanto vi scrivo per incoraggiarvi caldamente a organizzare un simposio insieme ad altri colleghi sui vostri lavori più recenti. Vi prego di considerare inoltre che siamo molto interessati a sottomissioni che riguardano tutto il campo scientifico della terapia cognitivo-comportamentale, oltre naturalmente ai temi principali del congresso.
Il portale web per la sottomissione degli abstract è stato aperto, e si chiuderà il 28 Febbraio 2015. Le sottomissioni dei poster potranno essere effetuate fino all’1 Maggio 2015.
Troverete maggiori informazioni sulla modalità di sottomissione dei lavori all’indirizzo https://www.isas.co.il/eabct2015/abstract.php

Cordiali saluti,
Francesco Mancini

Dear friends

We are approaching the holidays, and before the winter vacation we want to send you warm holiday wishes as well as a brochure dedicated to our forthcoming 45th EABCT Congress. (see https://www.isas.co.il/eabct2015/brochure2015.pdf for the brochure).

What better place than Jerusalem for the 2015 EABCT conference on CBT’s contribution to Compassion and Hope? Clearly, we need all the compassion and hope possible to solve our conflict and find a peaceful coexistence with and next to each other. How can CBT contribute to make the dream come true?

We, the Israeli CBT Association, together with the EABCT, are committed to organize the 45th European Congress and make it a unique experience. In addition to state of the art lectures by local and world-known scholars, seminars, round-tables, and clinical demonstrations, we will include multi-cultural discussions on topics closely related to conflicts between people, religions, and ethnic groups. We are gearing up for an exciting conference which will be filled with cutting edge science, advanced clinical topics, and touches of Israeli culture. We have a lineup of world-renown keynotes from around the world and locally. There will be the additional benefit of touristic attractions of Jerusalem’s 3000 year history, with an atmosphere of home-hospitality offered to all participants. We hope all this will make Jerusalem 2015 one of the most positive, memorable Congresses.

This is December, winter in Europe, but still sunny and warm in Jerusalem. Similarly, the end of August offers visitors a warm (24 degrees Celcius) and dry climate with days full of sun and cool, dry nights: ideal for socializing, in one of the many outdoor bistros, cafes, restaurants, or discos, to be found all over Jerusalem.

The registration to the congress and the submissions portal are open. Please find them in: https://www.isas.co.il/eabct2015/, so make sure you send them in soon.

We urge you to begin preparing for the Congress and planning your trip to Jerusalem: the earlier the better, the earlier the cheaper, the earlier the more choice you have in terms of flights and hotels or guesthouses. For those who would like to combine the conference with getting to know Israelis in a more intimate way, we offer home-hospitality: an opportunity to stay with members of the Israeli CBT association instead of a hotel. The earlier we know about your participation, the better we can match you up.

Please send the information on the congress to your colleagues, friends and students.

We are monitoring carefully the situation here and the safety of the participants to the congress is our major concern.
As we say: Next Year in Jerusalem or in Hebrew Leshana Habaa Biyerushalaim’ .
We look forward to having a stimulating conference with a lot of great science and look forward to seeing you in Jerusalem. Season’s greetings to you and your families and we wish everyone a Happy 2015! Sofi , Jonathan, Joop, Eva, Gil, Phillip members of the steering committee